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Building of pipe organs

Wood, tin and lead: Every organ builder works with these materials and yet no two instruments are the same. Our area of expertise is designing and creating the appropriate organ for every space, not just visually but also acoustically. Since 1817, hundreds of instruments have left our workshop, from one-manual positives to three-manual cathedral organs.

Our instruments are constructed in a considered and reliable way and are designed for maximum ease of use and durability. The smooth key action, the well-defined pressure point when opening a valve and the low resistance when pulling out a stop knob – the feel of the mechanical action is part of the experience of playing a Pirchner organ.

As one of the last organ building companies, we manufacture our flue pipes in our own pipe workshop. The direct, internal collaboration of intonation and pipe production enables us to implement even the subtlest of gradations in scale, alloys and construction.

These components and their properties come together to form an organ that is full of character, distinct in appearance, technology and tone.

Doubling the standard warranty period to 20 years demonstrates the confidence we have in our quality.

Restoration of pipe organs

In keeping with social trends, people tend to choose new over old – new construction over restoration. In some cases this is the right assessment, but rash decisions frequently lead to the loss of valuable organs with a unique history.

Recognising the quality of an instrument despite dust and dented pipes and carefully restoring it is our primary focus when dealing with organs in need of restoration. Therefore, we place great importance on reducing major work. The objective is to restore the organ to its original condition – including its peculiarities and limitations.

Our service

An organ is tasked with accompanying church services or concerts for centuries. To fulfil this demand, it is essential to maintain the mechanics, wind supply and pipe work. We offer flexible solutions, from maintenance or tuning to the complete reconditioning of pipe organs.

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